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Bending and Forming Services

The second phase of our production process, is our Bending and Forming area. Hitech-Gregfor has 6 Amada Press-Brakes, increasing turn-around time and production efficiency. Please browse through the pages in the drop down menu under the Bending and Forming Services section for more information.


Bending is a process by which metal can be deformed by plastically deforming the material and changing its shape. The material is stressed beyond the yield strength but below the ultimate tensile strength.

Our substantial amount of tooling and a 220 ton press strength allows us to bend almost every possible combination requested.

Bending Machine

  • 88-ton capacity
  • 2500 mm maximum bend length
  • 2200 mm distance between frames
  • 500 mm open height
  • 200 mm stroke
  • CNC Controlled (Windows 2000 based, touch screen control provides for transfer of tool setup data, bend sequences, and 3D simulation between control and network server

Bending Machine

  • 220-ton capacity
  • 4000 mm maximum bend length
  • 3760 mm distance between frames
  • 470 mm open height
  • 300 mm stroke
  • CNC Controlled

Bending Machine

  • 100-ton capacity
  • 3000 mm maximum bend length
  • 2700 mm distance between frames
  • 200 mm open height
  • 100 mm stroke
  • CNC Controlled

Tube Bending

A pipe and tube bender is a machine which bends tube, pipe and solid metals Pipe bending machines are typically pneumatic powered, hydraulic assisted, hydraulic motor driven, or electric servo motor. In the pipe bending operation the tube may be supported internally or externally to preserve the cross section of the pipe. In operations where there is flexibility in the shape of the pipe, the pipe does not need to be supported, however there will be some deformation in the cross section of the pipe.

Our range of machines are CSM of which one is a CNC and the other is NC, their details are as follows:

  • CNC 38 TMRE-P
    • Maximum 38mm diameter.
    • Available tools: 25.4mm diameter/50.8R, 63.5R, 88.9R including rolling and 32mm diameter/150R.
  • NC A89NC B
    • Maximum 89mm diameter.
    • Available tools: 50.8mm diameter/150R, 32mm square/112R, 50mm square/152R, 50x75mm rectangular/152R.

Any tools not in stock can be purchased/manufactured according to customers requirements.