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Laser & Punching

The next generation of punch/laser technology, the EML-NT, combines the high punching speed and forming flexibility of the innovative Electric Motor (EM) turret punch press with the unlimited shape cutting capabilities of a laser. This results in a machine that requires minimum setups and affords extremely quick turnarounds, making it ideal for the high production of short-run sheet metal parts, particularly those that incorporate forming or have many holes.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machines can accurately produce complex exterior contours. The laser beam is typically 0.2 mm (0.008 in) diameter at the cutting surface.

The CNC process can produce internal and features external complex features easily. Laser cutting takes direct input in the form of electronic data from a CAD drawing to produce flat form parts of great complexity.

Materials & Thicknesses:

Mild Steel (300WA, HR, CR, etc.)
Galvanized Sheets
Nitrogen / Oxygen cut
0.5 – 20 mm
0.5 – 3 mm
Stainless Steel (316, 304, 430, etc.)
Nitrogen / Oxygen cut
0.5 – 12 mm
Nitrogen / Oxygen cut / Air cut
0.5 – 10 mm


Punching offers flexible manufacturing runs without high capital expenditure dies and stamping presses. High volumes are not required to justify the use of this equipment.

The process is very flexible in being able to produce many different configurations of parts due to the modular nature of the tooling employed. New technologies and our wide range of tooling allow most complex part configurations to be produced in the most economical way possible.

  • Punching Machine, type AMADA VIPROS

    • 22 ton press capacity
    • 2500 x 1250 mm maximum sheet size (with one reposition)
    • 3 mm Maximum Material Thickness (Mild Steel)
    • 2 mm Maximum Material Thickness (Stainless Steel)
    • 3228 IPM Positioning Speed
    • ±0.5 Punching Accuracy


  • Punching Machine, type AMADA

    • 30 ton press capacity
    • 2500 x 1500 mm maximum sheet size (no reposition)
    • 3000 x 1500 mm maximum sheet size (with one reposition)
    • 3 mm Maximum Material Thickness (Mild Steel)
    • 3 mm Maximum Material Thickness (Stainless Steel)
    • 500 HPM on 1″ center – world’s highest hit rate!
    • Higher positioning speed improves productivity
    • Brush table design provides scratch-free processing, eliminating secondary finishing

Pressing, Notching & Rolling

Our insertion machines using innovative fastener insertion technology allow us the use of all types and sizes of self clinching fasteners. These machines Create Hardware Insertion Profit Centers by optimizing labour, improving quality, and increasing productivity through the use of technology.

The use of this technology ensures more reliability in the Stud and Bush design and our variety assortment of tooling enables us to provide a great deal of flexibility. A further add-on to this department of a Corner Notcher and Rolling machines gives us more possibilities to adapt to various applications.